17-Unit Beverly Hills Mixed-Use Project Moves Forward with Modifications Influenced by COVID-19 Pandemic

Beverly Hills, GPI Companies, Steinberg Hart, One Beverly Hills, 9001 Santa Monica Boulevard

By Catherine Sweeney 

A mixed-use project planned for Beverly Hills is being scaled back, following recent modifications submitted to the City by Developer GPI Companies. While initially receiving approval for the project in 2020, new plans call for a modified version of the buildings’ number of units, parking facilities as well as slight modifications to the design scheme. 

“The project  was approved in February of 2020. As all of us are certainly aware, immediately after the project approval COVID-19 became a serious concern and much of the world shut down,” Founder and Managing Partner of GPI Companies Cliff Goldstein said. 

“We spent the next several months reworking the plan to make the best possible version of this project. The reconfiguration of the building was oriented around making the building more private and secure with private outdoor amenities. The idea was to create a group of homes which would allow for people to have private features which you don’t normally see in condominium projects.”

In the updated plans, the project, located at 9908 Santa Monica Boulevard, will reduce its residential space by 30 percent, or from 25 units to just 17 units. However, overall residential square footage will increase from 76,969 square feet to 77,432 square feet, with larger units ranging from 3,080 square feet for a two-bedroom unit to 6,991 for a five-bedroom unit. Previously, units ranged in size from 1,124 square feet to 4,044 square feet.

Additionally, the amount of ground floor retail space in the initial project has been reduced from 13,056 square feet to 12,560 square feet to accommodate for the residential changes. Parking also will be reduced from 176 spaces to 148 spaces. 

The design scheme, by architecture firm Steinberg Hart, also creates more private spaces by adding gated terraces, four additional private pools and private pool decks in addition to the shared pool space. The previously approved 3,667 square feet of common amenity space also will include two main interior spaces as well as a common covered patio area, with additional elevator and stairwell space. 

Located in the Beverly Hills community, the property is located near various retail, residential and hotel properties. The site is also near several other developing projects, including 9001 Santa Monica, a 37-unit development also by Steinberg Hart and GPI Companies. Additionally, the project is adjacent to One Beverly Hills, a mixed-use development encompassing approximately 1.3 million square feet of retail, hotel, residential and public and private outdoor space. 

A timeline for the completion of the project is yet to be announced.