200,000 SQFT Mixed-Use Development Approved in Los Angeles’ Arts District

By Catherine Sweeney 

Los-Angeles based developer Maxxam will begin work on a 197,355 square foot-mixed use building, after recently receiving approval from the City. With designs from Hanson LA Architecture, the building will take up a full block in Los Angeles’ Arts District and offer a mix of commercial space and live/work units. 

Located at 676 S. Mateo Street, the project will include up to 185 live/work units, with 21 set aside for very low income housing. Additionally, project plans call for 23,380 square feet of commercial use consisting of art-production and office space. Taking up a full acre of land, the building will reach eight stories and include three levels of subterranean parking.

The property also will include 15,000 square feet of open space amenities, such as a rooftop pool and lounge, an urban garden, a publicly accessible paseo on the development’s grounds and a fitness center. In addition, the site is entitled with an optional design scheme that would allow for the flexibility to increase the commercial square footage to 45,873 square feet with 159 live/work units. 

With many nearby industrial-style properties in the Arts District, the building has also been designed to match with simple, contemporary finishes in brick, metal and glass. While maintaining a primarily rectangular structure in order to fit in with nearby properties, the building also adds its own unique elements with irregularly shaped windows and an angled roofline. A two-story irregular-shaped corner of the building, referred to by Hanson LA as the ‘’puppydog’’ for its shape also juts out over an open courtyard and holds a portion of the live-work units. 

“This unique site location, where Industrial Street comes to a dead-end at Mateo Street, requires an intentional design that recognizes and takes advantage of this street configuration by featuring sculptural elements in key locations. In order to create an aesthetically pleasing flow, a small free standing building called the ‘puppydog’ emerges from the first story of the main building. Live-work units will make up the upper stories of the ‘puppydog’ and main building,” Hanson LA states on its website. 

Currently, the site is developed with an existing warehouse and surface parking lot, both of which will be demolished in order for construction of the mixed-use development to begin. While no start date has been announced, construction on the project is likely to occur over a two-year period. 

Once completed, the project will be located in the block encompassing Mateo Street to the east and Imperial Street to the west. The property is in close proximity to the Los Angeles River and near a variety of dining and retail establishments, including ROW DTLA, a 30-acre commercial shopping district. The project would also be in close proximity to an additional mixed-use project planned by Maxxam and Hanson LA that is located at 1100 E. 5th Street. This project would add 220 live/work units and 46,548 square feet of commercial space to the neighborhood, as well. 

Maxxam was founded in 1979 with the goal of redeveloping underutilized industrial properties in Los Angeles in order to revitalize the area with retail, office and showroom space. Since its founding, the company has acquired or developed more than 200 properties and has more than 4 million square feet currently under ownership.