832,190 SQFT Studio Complex Planned at Site of Los Angeles Times Printing Facility

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By Catherine Sweeney

The site of the Los Angeles Times newspaper production plant could soon be changed into a new studio complex, after plans were recently submitted to the Los Angeles City Planning Department. Referred to as the 8th and Alameda Studios, the project would include the conversion of existing facilities as well as the construction of four new buildings, in order to support a motion picture and television production studio complex. 

The project was submitted to the Los Angeles planning department by Atlas Capital Group, which is the Los Angeles Times’ landlord at the facility. According to the plans, the project, located at 1820-2120 E. 8th Street, would include the renovation of the facility into approximately 582,400 square feet of sound stage, production support, office and ancillary uses. 

Additionally,the construction of three new, three-story buildings and one two-story building would provide approximately 249,790 square feet of sound stage, production support, and office uses. In total, the project would cover a floor area of approximately 832,190 square feet. 

If approved, the studio complex would provide 17 sound stages totaling 156,000 square feet, 15,600 square feet of stage support, 17,000 square feet of post production facilities and 55,400 square feet of office space. Also included would be an onsite fitness and health center and cafe. 

Currently on site, the Los Angeles printing facility is a three-story industrial and office building totaling 648,000 square feet on 26 acres of land. It has been used by the Los Angeles Times since 1988, when it was built. Should Atlas Capital Group move forward with plans to create a studio complex, a portion of the existing parking surface would be removed to make way for new buildings and the printing facility would be renovated to meet the project’s needs. 

With plans recently submitted to the city, no specific timeline for the project has been announced. 

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the site is near various industrial and commercial properties, including those dedicated to clothing production, food distribution and restaurant uses. The site is also surrounded by various transit options, including the Metro Subway A Line at the Washington Boulevard/Long Beach Avenue stop and numerous LADOT transit line stops. The Interstate 10 freeway is also within close proximity to the site. 

Additionally, the property is across the street from ROW DTLA, which also is owned by Atlas Capital Group. ROW DTLA is a district consisting of 9 buildings with 1,735,000 rentable square feet. The property houses a variety of commercial, retail and restaurant uses. 

As well as ROW DTLA, Atlas Capital Group manages several other properties within Los Angeles, including 712 South Olive, a six-story office and retail building, and 410 W. 7th Street, a 2.5-story commercial building, among others. Based in New York City, the development and real estate investment company also owns various properties throughout New York with several others throughout Southern California. 

Atlas Capital Group did not respond in time for comment.