84-Residence Mixed-Use Community Planned for North Long Beach

Long Beach, Brandywine Homes, Zillow, Torrance, Withee Malcolm Architects, Los Angeles River, Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library

By Catherine Sweeney 

Plans for additional housing are continuing to move forward in North Long Beach after the city’s Planning Commission recently approved plans for an 84-residence multifamily community. The project plan was submitted by Irvine-based developer Brandywine Homes earlier this month and would turn a vacant plot of land at 5801 North Atlantic Boulevard into a sprawling mixed-use community on 3.2 acres of land. 

“We’re very excited for the opportunity to be in Long Beach,” Alex Hernandez, President of Brandywine Homes, said. “…The potential reinvestment of that area, not only with the new development but providing new bus stops and enhancing street signs, is going to have a variety of impacts on the community, and we’re very excited.” 

According to the project plans, the residences on site would each reach three stories, and range in size from 1,355 square feet for a two bedroom townhome to 1,898 for a three or four bedroom townhome. In total, plans call for 27 two-bedroom homes, 28 three-bedroom homes and 29 three or four bedroom townhomes. 

Specific plans for pricing at the development have yet to be announced, but project plans show Brandywine intends to offer housing at market rate. According to Zillow, the average home in Long Beach sells for $752,110. 

As well as housing, the mixed-use community would include 2,294 square feet of commercial space and a 567 square foot community room. In addition, future residents would each have access to a two-car garage, as well as 19 surface parking stalls for guests and commercial use. Private open space is provided via patio decks and balconies while common open space features a centrally located pool.

The project is being designed by Torrance-based Withee Malcolm Architects and uses a modern, neutral color palette with bright colors throughout to provide visual interest, plans show. In addition, the project includes “pedestrian-friendly designs,” such as full-width sidewalks and accommodations for a planned bike lane along Atlantic Avenue.  

While providing pedestrian and biker amenities, the site is also in close proximity to Interstate-710 and State Road 91. Several bus stops also are also within blocks of the site. In addition, the site is adjacent to the Michelle Obama Neighborhood Library and is also near several parks, the Los Angeles River and numerous single-family developments. 

“The result is a planned public right of way which incorporates multimodal transportation with an emphasis on public safety…The combination of these features ensure that the project will strengthen the area’s identity and sense of place and serve as the community anchor that has long been envisioned at this site,” project plans state. 

According to Brandywine Homes, construction on the project is likely to begin in March or April of 2022 following a phased construction plan. Although, a specific completion date has yet to be announced. 

Withee Malcolm Architects did not respond to a request for comment.