AGC Honors BNBuilders with Top Safety Awards in San Diego

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West Coast General Contractor Extends Award-Winning Safety Record

Seattle, WA, June 17, 2021 – Continuing its longstanding commitment to safety, BNBuilders was recently awarded its second Associated General Contractors (AGC) safety award this year.  The firm was awarded the top 2021 Build Washington Award for Construction Safety from the AGC of Washington in the General Contractor-Building over 500,000 worker hours category and was recognized at a virtual award ceremony on May 20, 2021.  BNBuilders was also recently awarded a Construction Safety Excellence Award (CSEA) from the AGC San Diego Chapter.  BNBuilders was presented with the top recognition in the Building Division1,000,001 – 2,500,000 work hours category at the virtual ceremony on January 26, 2021.  These safety awards identify BNBuilders as one of the West Coast’s top general contractors for safety performance, occupational health management, and risk control.  Excelling in each of these areas, BNBuilders is setting the standard for safety best practices in the construction industry. 

With this year’s AGC safety awards, BNBuilders is continuing its years-long record of industry-leading safety.  Last year, after winning a California regional CSEA, BNBuilders went on to compete nationally and won a first place CSEA during the 2020 AGC National Convention.  The company also won a regional and national CSEA in 2019.  AGC’s prestigious safety awards program is known for its rigorous selection process, with a comprehensive review of a written application and a verbal interview with a panel of judges.  

BNBuilders has numerous safety protocols which have helped ensure a safe and healthy work environment for all.  A few of its safety practices include a weekly Safety Coordination meeting with more than 100 people, and a “Safety Champions” program that allows team members to award an on-the-spot gift card to those who go above and beyond to assure safe working conditions.  The company also created numerous protocols and programs to address COVID-related issues, including programs to create cohesion amongst individuals working remotely to minimize feelings of loneliness and isolation, and a rotational program for offices and trailers to limit contact between team members.  For jobsites, a few COVID safety protocols include daily health screenings, the implementation of a Triax Proximity Detection System worn on hard hats which audibly alerts staff if they in “close contact” of another individual, contact tracing, and cleaning high touch areas multiple times per day.

Leary Jones, Corporate Safety Director for BNBuilders, states, “I’m very proud of our project staff and the hard work they do each day to ensure the safety and health of all our team members.  It is a monumental task under any circumstance, but it is truly an extraordinary accomplishment in the middle of a pandemic, and when we have so many new team members to familiarize with our safety culture.”

BNBuilders has grown exponentially while maintaining its outstanding safety record.  In the past two years, BNBuilders has nearly doubled its overall staff size, from more than 500 to more than 1,000.  In the same timeframe, the company’s Safety department has tripled from eight (8) to twenty-five (25) team members, to make certain that safety remains a top priority across the company.  

Brad Bastian, President & Co-Founder of BNBuilders, states, “Receiving these safety awards is truly a high honor in our book.  Our safety team, led by Casey Blake and Leary Jones, has been very successful in prioritizing safety from pre-construction through project completion.  A great data point about Leary: he was the first African American safety instructor in the US Air Force.  Leary has been pioneering safety throughout his career.  We’re thrilled to have both Casey’s and Leary’s extraordinary expertise and work ethic at BNBuilders.”

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About BNBuilders

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