Irvine Company Makes Progress on 1.1MM SQFT Office Campus in Orange County

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By Catherine Sweeney

The Irvine Company recently delivered 300,000 square feet of commercial space for its newest addition to Irvine Spectrum. Titled “Innovation Office Park,” the office campus has undergone its first phase of construction and will soon offer more than 1.1 million square feet of creative space and flexible work environments with a focus on health and wellness. 

“We’re taking advantage of the climate and it fits in perfectly with COVID-19 concerns in our customers,” Tom Greubel, Irvine Company’s vice president of leasing in Orange County, said. “They’re looking for space they can offer their employees that makes them feel good and want them to come back to the office.”

With eight buildings already developed, the office village, at 150 Progress Park, offers roll-up doors leading to private outdoor spaces, a cafe, ceiling-to-floor windows and a central pedestrian pathline to connect all buildings. Located on 73 acres of land, the property also is developed with more than 2,600 mature olive and pine trees to enhance outdoor spaces. 

“The main thing about this project is health and wellness, the ability to be outside, the ability to get fresh air,” Greubel said. “We have this whole olive grove that is in the parking lot itself. One thing about our company is we really pay attention to landscape, to have mature landscape so that when you go to the project on day one it feels like it’s complete.”

Innovation Office Park is located within Orange County’s Irvine Spectrum at the center of interstate 5 and the 405 freeway. Innovation Office Park is in close proximity to the many amenities at Irvine Spectrum Center, including residential spaces, shops, restaurants, parks, hiking trails and more. It is also in close proximity to many corporate neighbors, including Mazda, Ford, Rivian, Amazon, Core Logic and more. 

“It’s really important to allow our customers visibility and great freeway access in and out of the site,” Greubel said. “The evolution of Irvine Spectrum is that it started as a lot of offices…it’s gone from that to really a kind of diverse area because of transportation, through access and a train station…Our customers can utilize that to go to San Diego, Los Angeles and the Inland Empire.”

Innovation Office Park is currently in the second of four construction phases, with the total 28 buildings expected to be completed within the next five years. With leasing at the current  buildings already underway, Greubel said public interest in the project so far has proven to be positive.

“We as a company are fluid. The market is gonna help us decide what we’re going to build and when we are going to build it,” Greubel said. “But our activity has just been phenomenal right now considering we just opened the project up a couple weeks ago.”

Once completed, the campus will house 28 loft-style buildings ranging from 20,000 to 60,000 square feet, with various workplace amenities, including an event pavilion, a private fitness center, tech-enabled conference and event space and more. Tenants also will have the option to customize their workspace through their own  branding on the building’s exterior as well as the option to customize the outdoor space to meet specific company needs.

“What makes it different is it has this central pathway, a spine so to speak, that connects all the buildings. So the buildings are a little closer together like a village,” Greubel said. “You couple that with the private patio each building has on the ground floor and the electronic roll up doors which are both unique and not available anywhere else on the market.”