Podcast: State of the Commercial Real Estate Market in San Francisco (February 2023)

Today’s episode provides a departure from our typical interview format and takes us to a commercial real estate event that The Registry hosted in San Francisco on February 16, 2023. At this event, we featured a commercial broker panel, followed by a developer and landlord panel that went into a comprehensive analysis of the state of the commercial real estate market in San Francisco during the first quarter of 2023.

The speakers on the first panel were Christina Clark, Managing Principal, Global Portfolio Solutions at CRESA, and Bill Cumbelich, Executive Vice President at CBRE. This panel was moderated by Manny Fishman, a partner in the San Francisco office of the law firm Buchalter.

The second panel included Ani Vartanian Boladian, Managing Partner at Rubicon Point PartnersDavid Eaton, Senior Vice President

Leasing at Paramount GroupMatt Field, President of TMG Partners, and Jeff Smith, President of Sack Properties. This panel was moderated by Vladimir Bosanac, Co-founder and Publisher of The Registry.