CB Therapeutics Expands with 16,000 SQFT of Lab Space in Carlsbad 

San Diego, CB Therapeutics, Carlsbad, Fisher Scientific, Sciencell Research Laboratories, H & P Mobile Geochemistry

By Catherine Sweeney 

CB Therapeutics, a biosynthesis company with a focus on environmentally-friendly products, is expanding its space in Carlsbad. The company recently announced a move to a new laboratory space that will allow it to improve its research efforts and increase productivity. 

The new laboratory site, which is located at 2463 Impala Drive, totals 16,000 square feet. In total, the new space will allow the company additional lab space for strain engineering, fermentation, product manufacturing and more. 

“It’s more important than ever to leverage the sustainable and scalable processes that synthetic biology enables to tackle society’s greatest challenges. We are very proud of CB Therapeutics’ brilliant team, its advisors, and investors for working hard to accelerate our innovations through great science and sustainable products. With this great increase in space and capabilities, we’re continuing to bring in more collaborators, partners, and customers to innovate the therapeutic molecule supply chain, discover new drug candidates, produce ethical food-alternatives, and much more,” said CB Therapeutics’ Co-Founder and CSO Dr. Jacob Vogan. 

Since its inception approximately seven years ago, CB Therapeutics has developed standardized biotechnology processes for producing natural medicine, therapy and food technologies. The company currently has seven granted patents, with an additional 12 pending. With the announcement of the new lab space, CB Therapeutics is expanding its services to also support research around psychedelics and cannabis.

“As the industries we serve grow, supply of clinical-grade materials and access to qualified research facilities and talent are increasingly becoming bottlenecks. CB Therapeutics addresses this need by offering services and partnership opportunities that leverage our federal licence, expertise and state-of-the-art facility,” Sher Ali Butt, Co-Founder and CEO of CB Therapeutics, said. 

The new location is located just two miles away from CB Therapeutics’ former facility and near a number of other biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Nearby companies include Thermo Fisher Scientific, Sciencell Research Laboratories, H & P Mobile Geochemistry as well as many others. 

As one of the largest life science hubs in the nation, the San Diego area is home to a large number of these companies. As of the first quarter of 2022, a life science market report from CBRE shows that San Diego’s total lab inventory exceeded 22 million square feet. With high demand for lab inventory in San Diego, the area has seen over six million square feet added since 2015, with an additional 3.25 million square feet under construction. Currently, vacancy across the whole market is at a record low of 3.5 percent.