IDS Real Estate Group, Hackman Capital Partners Partnership Proposes 244,000 SQFT Creative Office Campus in Culver City 

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By Catherine Sweeney 

IDS Real Estate Group and Hackman Capital Partners are aiming to bring more office space to Culver City. In June, the development duo submitted an application for a 244,000 square-foot creative office project, which was reviewed by the City earlier this week. 

Located at 8631–8635 Hayden Place on approximately 2.7 acres of land, plans for the Gensler-designed project include the construction of a four-story, U-shaped office building and a three-level subterranean parking garage with space for up to 350 vehicles. Currently on site is an office building and an industrial building, both of which would be demolished for the project to take shape. 

The modern U-shaped design scheme would proportion the building so that the eastern facing side of the structure reaches three stories in height, while the western facade would reach slightly higher at four levels. At the first level, the building would feature a main lobby and various amenities, such as a fitness center and patio. The remaining levels would primarily be used as office space, with the upper level also reserving space for landscaped outdoor terraces.  

According to design plans, the contemporary building would primarily consist of corrugated cement and tall window panels. The second and third level, for instance, would contain floor-to-ceiling windows, breaking up the massing from the lower portion of the building. A flat roof along Hayden Place would also allow the office building to blend into the surrounding office and industrial properties.  

The project site is located in the Lucerne/Higuera neighborhood of Culver City, less than seven miles from downtown Los Angeles. Surrounding the site are a number of studios, corporate office and industrial buildings, such as the Nordstrom Headquarters, Smashbox Studios and NantStudios, among others.  

While it is unclear what the property might be used for, both IDS Real Estate Group and Hackman Capital Partners have been investing and developing properties in and around Culver City for quite some time. 

For instance, Hackman Capital Partners has recently completed a modernization project at the nearby Culver Studios. Originally built in 1918, the project upgraded the 720,850 square foot studio lot while keeping its historic features, the company’s website states.  

IDS Real Estate Group also designed and developed the C3 Culver Pointe, a 281,400 square foot office building in Culver City. The seven-story building currently serves a number of tenants in the entertainment, media and technology industries. These include TikTok, Dentsu, Henkel and Red Light Management.